Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts for Bread Bakers

Picking out the perfect gift for your bread-loving Mum this Mother’s Day means diving into what makes bread-making special. It’s not just about giving something; bread lovers can be a passionate lot, so find a gift that acknowledges that passion and helps your Mum create more magic in the kitchen.

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If you’re not obsessed with interested in bread and bread making, finding gifts for someone who is can feel like you’ve entered a magical kingdom of flours, yeasts, and bakeware. Luckily, Little Bread Winner is ready to help you navigate the, ahem, maize! ;)

Here are some great gift ideas for the bread-loving Mum in your life.

Bread Saw & Bread Board

Little Bread Winner’s wooden bread board, paired with a uniquely designed bread saw offers the perfect gift for anyone struggling to slice bread evenly. The bread saw cuts through loaves effortlessly without damaging the board, ensuring a clean and even slice every time thanks to its slicing guide.

Made from reclaimed maple, the boards feature a range of colours from light to dark brown with reddish hues, guaranteeing that each piece is distinct, making it the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

Sourdough Starter Kit

A sourdough starter kit is a fantastic gift for anyone interested in a sourdough bread-baking hobby. It jumpstarts their journey by providing the essentials to cultivate their very own sourdough starter, the heart and soul of sourdough bread.

Sourdough starter kits are best stored in a cool, dry place until needed. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or high temperatures before gifting!

Essential Tools: A good kit should include a jar (preferably glass for easy observation), a whisk for mixing, a dough scraper for handling the sticky starter, and sometimes a measuring spoon.

Flour Power: Look for kits that include organic flours suitable for sourdough starters, like whole wheat or rye flour. These flours have a higher nutrient content that encourages wild yeast growth.

Instructional Magic: Clear and concise instructions are crucial! They should guide the recipient through the process of creating and maintaining their starter.

Price Range: Sourdough starter kits can range in price from $30 to $100 depending on the included items.

Simpler kits may include the essentials mentioned above and tend to be on the lower end of the price range. More premium kits might include additional items like a proofing basket, a lame (scoring tool), or a sourdough bread mix.

A sourdough cookbook is an invaluable companion for any aspiring or seasoned sourdough baker. From starter cultivation and maintenance to a vast array of delicious recipes, a good sourdough cookbook provides a wealth of information. 

A cookbook is the perfect gift to leave a heartfelt message to your fantastic Mum. What will you write to make your gift of love extra special?

If you’re unsure of which skill-level book to get, opt for something beginner-friendly with a good progression of recipes. Mum can always grow a sourdough library as her skills develop!

For the beginner baker

Opt for cookbooks like “Artisan Sourdough Made Simple” by Emilie Raffa or “Simple Sourdough” by Ellen Bennett. These focus on clear instructions, beginner-friendly techniques, and recipes requiring minimal fuss.

For the intermediate baker

Consider “The Perfect Loaf” by Maurizio Leo or “Tartine Book No. 3” by Chad Robertson. These delve deeper into sourdough science and explore a wider variety of techniques for more adventurous bakers.

For the more experienced baker

“Advanced Bread Baking at Home” by Peter Reinhart or “The Bread Book” by Chad Robertson are great options. They explore advanced techniques, sourdough variations, and intricate bread recipes.

I love this book! Lots of great tips and recipes, and I use it often.

A proofing basket, also known as a banneton or brotform, is a fantastic gift for anyone venturing into the world of sourdough bread baking. It provides a textured surface that helps shape the dough and wicks away moisture, leading to a beautiful crust on the finished loaf. 

Look for a well-made basket with tight coils. Loose coils can snag on the dough and make it difficult to remove.

Material: Natural rattan is the traditional and most recommended material. It’s breathable, absorbs moisture well, and is relatively easy to clean. Avoid plastic as it won’t wick away moisture very well

Shape: Round and oval are the most common shapes. Round baskets are ideal for boules (round loaves), while oval baskets work best for bâtards (elongated loaves).

Size: Choose a size that matches the amount of dough the recipient typically uses. A 20 – 25cm round basket will be suitable for most ~450gram loaves. Consider oven size too to make sure the basket fits comfortably inside.

Liner (Optional): Some baskets come with a removable cloth liner. These can help prevent sticking, particularly for beginners. However, using a liner can also reduce the amount of moisture wicking away from the dough.

Price Range: Proofing baskets typically range from $15 to $50 depending on size, material, and brand.

If you have a serious artisanal bread lover on your hands, help them lift their bread-making game with some serious tools. And when it comes to must-haves, a cast iron Dutch oven or bread pan leads the pack.

While both Dutch ovens and bread pans can be used for baking sourdough bread, they offer different benefits. As to which gets the better results, you’ll find no end of discussion. Rest assured, both provide the even heat distribution needed for a perfectly baked loaf every time, resulting in that perfect crispy crust and tender crumb every sourdough bread lover craves!

Choosing a Dutch Oven or Bread Pan

Dutch Oven:

A Dutch oven is a heavy-bottomed pot with a tight-fitting lid that traps steam during baking. This creates a moist environment that promotes a beautiful oven spring and a crispy crust.

Bread Pan:

A bread pan provides a structured shape for the dough to rise in during baking. This is ideal for creating loaves like baguettes or batards.

If your Mum is new to sourdough baking, a Dutch oven is a more versatile gift as it can be used for various bread shapes and doesn’t require specific loaf pans. 

If Mum already has a Dutch oven though, a bread pan would be a thoughtful addition for baking baguettes or other shaped loaves.

Size: A 5-litre round Dutch oven is ideal for sourdough baking. It should be large enough to comfortably hold a rising loaf without overcrowding.

Material: Enameled cast iron is a popular choice. It offers even heat distribution, durability, and easy cleaning.

Lid: Ensure the lid fits tightly to trap steam effectively. Look for a lid with an oven-safe knob.

Price Range: Dutch ovens can range from $50 to $300 depending on size, brand, and material.

Material: While we recommend a cast-iron bread pan for its even heat distribution and rustic crust-producing results, if you’re on a budget, you can also find Pullman loaf pans, made from aluminised steel, which offers good heat conductivity and a non-stick surface. 

Size: Choose a pan that accommodates the desired loaf size. Standard batard pans are around 25 x 10cm.

Lid (Optional): Some bread pans come with a lid. This can be helpful for trapping steam during the initial bake and creating a softer crust.

Price Range: Bread pans are generally more affordable than Dutch ovens, ranging from $10 to $50 depending on size, material, and brand.

A bread lame, sometimes called a dough lame or a scoring tool, is a fantastic gift for any sourdough baker. It allows them to create precise scores on the top of their dough before baking, which helps the bread expand properly and achieve a beautiful rise. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose the perfect bread lame:


  • Material: Look for a comfortable and secure handle made from wood or a similar material.
  • Grip: Consider the recipient’s hand size and preference. Some lames have straight handles, while others offer curved options for better control.


  • Material: Razor blades are the most common type of blade used in lames. They are sharp, inexpensive, and readily available.
  • Replacement: Ensure the lame has a mechanism for easily replacing dull blades. Some lames come with a small storage compartment for spare blades.
  • Safety: Look for a lame with a safety feature that protects the user from accidental blade contact when not in use. This could be a sheath or a cover for the blade.

Price Range: Bread lames are generally quite affordable, ranging from $10 to $30 depending on the material, design, and included features.

Breadmaking is more than just a hobby, it’s an experience, so this Mother’s Day, why not skip the wilting bouquet and give Mum a gift that feeds her soul (and maybe you too!)?

With any of these thoughtful bread-baking presents, you’re not just giving a tool or a book, you’re giving her the chance to explore new flours, perfect her sourdough starter, or bake a picture-perfect loaf. 

Watch her face light up as she dives into her newfound passion, and maybe even snag a warm slice of her latest creation yourself as a reward for being such a thoughtful child. Happy Mother’s Day!

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