How to Care for Your Timber Bread Cutting Board

Wooden bread board care

I can be fairly slapdash about cleaning in general, but I am particular about cleaning chopping boards and avoiding cross-contamination from raw meat.

Apart from the obvious health issues (no one wants food poisoning), caring for your board properly will help it to last longer. Here are my top tips for caring for your wooden bread board:


Wash in hot soapy water (on both sides to avoid warping) and dry thoroughly. Leaving your board wet will encourage splitting.

Stain removal

To remove stains and smells either sprinkle with salt and rub with a cut lemon or rub with bicarb soda and a damp cloth.


Regularly oiling your bread board will help it last longer. Spray a little oil on the board, spread it around and let it soak in a while. Wipe excess oil off before storing. Don’t forget to do both sides.

We highly recommend using grapeseed oil to season your timber bread board. Olive oil and Coconut oil are also good alternatives. Avoid cooking oil though, as it will go rancid.


If you want to sanitise your board, you can apply a small amount of bleach mixed with water, leave it to sit and then rinse it off. Or you can use straight vinegar instead.

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